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Marc Ryan (our founder) gives conferences and speeches based on the philosophy of our site.

Marc has given conferences to a prominent Canadian law firm (Ogilvy Renault), to the oldest investment club in Canada (Optimus investment club), to the Juri-Club (members of the Superior Court and Court of Québec in Montréal) and to an association dedicated to education and the defense of shareholder rights (the MÉDAC).

Here are 10 reasons to hire Marc to speak to your members, employees, customers or students:

  • Marc’s conferences are intended to be informal and two-way in nature. Participants come away with interesting, useful and up-to-date information.
  • An impressive background : engineering graduate (McGill University), law degree (University of Montreal), , masters in business law (University of Montreal), 30 years of work experience with a Canadian securities regulator and two major Canadian securities issuers, a member of the Canadian Governor General’s Study Conference 1987, and a frequent lecturer.
  • An independent thinker; Marc is not associated with banks or brokers. His conferences and his web site provide objective and unbiased information, not investment advice tainted by conflicts of interest; for more on this distinction, see the US Department of Labor interpretive bulletin 96-1 doc.1560.
  • He delivers a clear, focused message: the importance of savings, avoiding risky techniques, costs matter, and not trying to beat the market.
  • His speeches are an end in themselves, not part one of an attempt to manage your money.
  • His conferences will help you better manage your money. They may not make you wealthier, but may well help you not to become poorer quickly.
  • At 6’2’’ he is easy to spot in a room, and is fluently bilingual..
  • Convinced you have found the next Google? Marc will bring you back to reality.
  • Being retired, he has the time to maintain a related website which conference participants can access as a post-conference (free) reinforcer.

If your organization is interested in retaining Marc, please contact us.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 25 February 2010 )
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There is a crucial difference about playing the game of investing compared to virtually any other activity. Most of us have no chance of being as good as the average in any pursuit where others practice and hone skills for many, many hours. But we can be as good as the average investor in the stock market with no practice at all. Jeremy Siegel